ISOP Express


(30-90 Days, 3 Easy Steps)

This Platform is a 30-90 day ISO Implementation process which ISOP performs a 3-step ISO implementation. This means ISOP creates, delivers and trains client on how to use the clients ISO manuals and completes a one-time 3rd party accredited registration audit. The client will receive a prepaid 36-month, single ISOP user online manual platform, access only.  

Example for ISO 9001: If the client chooses to use the ISOP online manuals and audits platform, then the client will also have an option to have two 3rd party online accredited surveillance audits performed for $1,500.00 per audit and semi-annual online internal audits for $300 each. (Prices will vary depending on other ISO standards. Contact us for more information.)

Other Platforms that may be purchased separately, in addition to this Platform, include, but are not limited to, the continuing education LMS platform and/or additional ISOP user licenses. 

How long is an ISO Certification valid?

Short answer:

4 audits over 3 years; certification audits, 2 annual surveillance audits, and a re-certification audit. These are performed in this sequence only if the company passes each audit.

Official ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 answer:

Clause 9.1.3 Audit Programme The audit programme for the initial certification shall include a two-stage initial audit, surveillance audits in the first and second years following the certification decision, and a re-certification audit in the third year prior to expiration of certification. The first three-year certification cycle begins with the certification decision. Subsequent cycles begin with the re-certification decision. Surveillance audits shall be conducted at least once a calendar year, except in re-certification years. The date of the first surveillance audit following initial certification shall not be more than 12 months from the certification decision date.


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